September 22, 2016: IHS announces the initiative to convert color raster images to monochrome. Click for more details.

July 16, 2018: IHS is pleased to announce the 147th Offshore UK Release Wells, in association with Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). Hard copy and scanned image well data for 57 wells is available. Click for more details.

IHS Notice Effective on May 15, 2018: Lognet will limit retention of past purchase/retrieval records to 1 year. Customers will only see the "Previously Purchased" flags for any data purchased within that period. Please Click for more details.

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  • Global digital log coverage Available in all formats: LAS/LIS/DLIS/RECALL™ or customized
  • Global raster image coverage Available in TIFF format with multiple DR IMAGE (depth registrations) formats
  • Online access to data via the My Files section of myihsenergy
  • Digitizing on demand our unparalleled data conversion services
  • Well data management Utilizing our Log Manager Program and RECALL™
  • Workstation-ready well logs provided by Petrophysical Data Processing (PDP)

Software: Microsoft-IIS/8.5

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